At the center of the recently restored ancient village, inbetween the two main squares, you can find the Bed & Breakfast Borromeo; situated in a wing of the ancient Court of the Milkman (“Curt de Lacè”), it is located in the countryside near the very well preserved Parco della Cavallera, in the outskirts of Milan and Monza.

Just a few steps from the Bed & Breakfast there is the eighteenth-century villa Gallarati Scotti, surrounded by a beautiful park that also embracesthe seventeenth-century Villa Borromeo and the annexed hunting lodge (Casino di Caccia) situated in the gorgeous fifteenth-century “Corte Rustica”. It it is right in the Room of the Frescoes, that inspired colors and tapestries of every room of the B&B.

These places are a sort of time capsule: the historical and artistic imagination brings you back to the time of Zavattari (chapel of the Queen Theodoloinga in the Catherdral of Monza), and the one of Gian Giacomo Caprotti (called “il Salaino”), artist that left Oreno to end up in Milan being one of the favorite pupils of Leonardo (fifteenth century).

The village of Oreno, adjacent to the largest Vicus Mercati (Vimercate) but carachterized by its own identity, was born a thousand years ago around an ancient Augustinan convent: convent that most likely had its entrance in the tower-dovecote still existent in the Corte Rustica, right by the aforementioned room of the frescoes.

It is in fact very rare to find a complete cycle of frescoes in good condition and contained in a unique room, especially in Lombardy as the local critical spirit lead to easily destroy buildings and rebuild them in their entirety.